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Experience the essence of togetherness with Yalsah

an Emarati-inspired brand crafting delightful ‘khaleeji canapés.’ Rooted in generations of cherished family recipes,

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Every dish served at Yalsah celebrates our traditions and the flavour they carry.

We think of ourselves as custodians of an important part of the UAE culture, or at least strive to be! And that’s why we work hard to offer you not just a transient taste, but a memorable and lasting experience. From the time you place your order to the point of enjoying your last bite, we give take you through Emarati generosity, creativity and warmth.

About Us

Y alsah, which means gathering, is an Emarati-inspired brand that creates “khaleeji canapés” inspired by generations of our homemade family recipes.

We are proud to provide fresh innovative Emarati treats to our customers; from a range of innovative desserts and house blends, to “Tapas” style savory items. Each of our items is prepared by combining fresh ingredients, clean and safe practices and a love for food that brings us and our clients a sense of excitement and wonder.

Our Yalsah menu is a combination of “Ranjeena” that has been fused with nontraditional flavors and other Emirati favorites that have been modernized and made into bite-sized treats.


From The Kitchen

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Our Coustomer Love Us

My favorite snack is Yalsa’s Ranjeena Rudhab Cups. Not only are they beautifully presented with freshly picked dates, but are often my midnight energy boost as a new mum. They have become essential in my life, and if they had a cafe with a queue of people waiting to go in, i would definitely queue!

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Deliveries are usually delivered outside of Dubai between 2:00-9:00 pm
If you would like it earlier we suggest you order for the day before your event.

Delivery charges is 35 AED for Dubai

For Other Emirate Delivery charges is 50 AED


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