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Our Story

Yalsah, which means gathering, is an Emarati-inspired brand that creates “khaleeji canapés” inspired by generations of our homemade family recipes.

We are proud to provide fresh innovative Emarati treats to our customers; from a range of innovative desserts and house blends, to “Tapas” style savory items. Each of our items is prepared by combining fresh ingredients, clean and safe practices and a love for food that brings us and our clients a sense of excitement and wonder.

Our Yalsah menu is a combination of “Ranjeena” that has been fused with nontraditional flavors and other Emirati favorites that have been modernized and made into bite-sized treats.

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Our Coustomer Love Us

My favorite snack is Yalsa’s Ranjeena Rudhab Cups. Not only are they beautifully presented with freshly picked dates, but are often my midnight energy boost as a new mum. They have become essential in my life, and if they had a cafe with a queue of people waiting to go in, i would definitely queue!